Psychedelic societies around the world

In numerous countries around the world, enthusiastic individuals have set up Psychedelic Societies to foster the dissemination of knowledge about psychedelic substances. To support those in search of information, we offer a list of these organizations, thus making it easier to connect with a community that matches their language or cultural background. Nevertheless, we aren’t acquainted with the specific stances of each group.

Hence, we always urge our visitors to prioritize caution and safety. Indeed, these are the fundamental principles of any psychedelic community and, naturally, of every personal experience.

Find your local organization

Société psychédélique de LyonLyon, FranceYoutube
PROBeBern, GermanyWebsite
Psychedelic Society GermanyGermanyWebsite
Psychedelics TodayWebsite
University of Greenwich Psychedelic SocietyGreenwich, United KingdomWebsite
Akasa JourneysLos Angeles, USAWebsite
PsychedeLiA IntegrationLos Angeles, USAWebsite

Please find here a detailed directory of psychedelic organizations around the world