The Magic Powers Of Psilocybin

Reading Time: 6 minutes According to the World Health Organization, over 300 million people suffer from depression worldwide. In France, it’s 21% of the population, and in the United States, 19%. While these numbers have been steadily increasing for the past 50 years, the problem is not new. The quest for effective antidepressant treatments has thus always more or […]

Reading Time: 5 minutes For us, it’s always a miracle. And in June 2023, it was even more special as we were visiting this residence for the first time, near Heerenveen. Organizing a psychedelic retreat has been the dream of Tangerine Retreat‘s founder, Arnaud. Each retreat is an opportunity to meet new people, deepen our methods, and find the […]

Reading Time: 8 minutes Can depression be treated with psychedelic retreats? Depression, often manifesting as feelings of hopelessness, is a multifaceted illness. It can be temporary for some, while accompanying others for many years. Individuals who are depressed and experience long-term symptoms of depression often feel like they are missing out on life: dark thoughts prevent them from enjoying […]

Reading Time: 6 minutes The psychedelic journey is an extraordinary experience. And for good reason, there is nothing ordinary about feeling heightened emotions or experiencing a grand and bizarre inner film that no one else can witness. The name Ayahuasca alone carries a promise of mystical adventure in the great tradition of the Amazonian peoples. But beyond the clichés, […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes A 56-year-old Frenchman, Claude, microdosed on psilocybin truffles in 2022 before attending a retreat in 2023. He had a profound and deeply connected experience, feeling a strong sense of communion. “I’m quite an anxious person. I have been for a long time.” How did you come to be interested in psilocybin? I was never really […]

Reading Time: 6 minutes How to Microdose Mushrooms for Anxiety and Depression For several decades, and especially in recent years, numerous scientific studies have shown that taking a single dose of psilocybin mushrooms can play a beneficial role in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression. Generally, a microdose contains 2 to 6 grams of truffles or magic mushrooms (This […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes “I found out that the retreat can reveal a lot of personal insight” How long have you been interested in psychedelics? Not for very long… As a matter of fact, I always thought they were a gateway to addiction and all the problems that come with it. That’s why I’d never tried any, until a […]

Reading Time: 5 minutes Under the impetus of the United States, many psychoactive substances were prohibited in the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances. This political decision, led by the UN, aimed primarily at limiting the spread of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, ayahuasca and psilocybin. Since 1971, individuals who wish to consume psychedelics have therefore been forced to rely […]

Reading Time: 4 minutes Vincent is a 33-year-old man who’s originally from France but recently moved to the Netherlands. He first experimented with psychedelics recreationally before seeking to embark on a deeper journey on a retreat. "*" indicates required fields Be the first to knowSubscribe to the newsletter As subscriber you will stay updated on special offers, new events, […]

Reading Time: 7 minutes What are shrooms? The term “shrooms” is a familiar and abbreviated way to refer to psilocybe mushrooms. The use of the word “shrooms” was popularized in the 1970s under the influence of underground and new-age circles. Simply put, in most cases “shrooms” are associated with recreational use and “magic mushrooms” with spiritual use. "*" indicates […]

Reading Time: 4 minutes Isaac is a 48-year-old American who manages multiple businesses in a big city. For the first time in his life, he participated in a retreat in the Netherlands after going through several episodes of stress and depression. “Psychedelics has become a passion” How long have you been interested in psychedelics? It’s very recent, but my […]

Reading Time: 10 minutes Magic truffles vs magic mushrooms In the world of psilocybin, it’s crucial to differentiate between magic mushrooms and magic truffles. There are both legal and physiological reasons for this. Firstly, only psilocybin truffles are legal in psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands. And secondly, “truffles” and “mushrooms” don’t refer to the same part of a mushroom’s […]

Reading Time: 9 minutes In the Netherlands, magic mushrooms are legal in the form of truffles: we invite you to respect the laws of your country before embarking on any personal endeavor. "*" indicates required fields Be the first to knowSubscribe to the newsletter As subscriber you will stay updated on special offers, new events, new dates and psilocybin […]

Reading Time: 10 minutes It’s hard to say which is the best documentary on psychedelics as there are so many choices out there! Whether they’re available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Youtube, we’ve selected the 11 documentaries on mushrooms and psychedelics that we think are most useful for learning. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, our selection […]

Reading Time: 5 minutes Bookshops are teeming with titles all about psychedelic experiences. But it’s not always easy to separate serious publications from mere literary fads and find books that can be really useful to you in your personal quest. Here are four books on psilocybin that are recognised for their academic yet accessible approaches. We’ve chosen authors that […]

Reading Time: 6 minutes Available on : Netflix Production date : 2018 Directed by : Monty Wates Duration : 79 minutes Official website Synopsis of Magic Medicine What if magic mushrooms were just as good as chemical antidepressants at treating chronic depression? It may not seem like it, but for the scientific community, this simple question has started a […]

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