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Psychedelic retreat dates

Limited places for the most personalized experience

Our psilocybin retreats are, first and foremost, all about the quality of the guidance we offer you before, during, and after the ceremony. Only within a framework of positive surroundings and correct preparation can psilocybin have its maximum effect.

Upcoming retreats 2023

Each retreat requires careful preparation by our facilitators and participants alike. We therefore limit the number of retreats we offer to guarantee the highest quality.

Date Spoken language(s) Available slots
October 8th - 10th, 2023 Spoken language(s) french Spoken language(s) english 2
November 24th - 26th, 2023 Spoken language(s) french Spoken language(s) english 7
December 18th - 20th, 2023 Spoken language(s) french Spoken language(s) english 11
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We create the ideal conditions for you

A workshop all about you

We strive to make your experience a successful one! That’s why every retreat is based on the quality of our hospitality and guidance, helping you get the most out of your psilocybin experience.

For upcoming retreats, places are limited to 20 people. You will be led by five facilitators, who will offer you the psilocybin truffles, and lead relaxation sessions and group discussions.

Where is the next retreat?

A safe space dedicated to letting your mind travel

Join us for the next retreat in an idyllic setting right in the heart of nature just 50 km from Amsterdam. You’ll embark on a very personal journey from our accommodation that’s centred around personal comfort and positive introspection.

Throughout your stay, you can make use of the shared spaces to mix with the other participants or choose to take a stroll alone around the large tree-lined park.

a moment of serenity by the lake

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A place of peace in the heart of the Netherlands

Retreat in the Netherlands

October 8th - 10th, 2023

Spoken language(s) : Spoken language(s) french Spoken language(s) english

  • Ceremony: one opportunity to take psilocybin
  • Protocol: one video session before and one after the retreat
  • Retreat: three days – two nights on site
  • Participants: 10 maximum
  • 90 minutes from Amsterdam
  • From € 1,790

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Is it time to take the plunge?

2 spots available for the retreat from October 8th to 10th

Embark on the adventure of psilocybin in the Netherlands and live one of the most impactful experiences of your life!

  • A dose of 100% legal psilocybin.
  • Luxurious and green surroundings.
  • 3 days and 2 nights with the entire team.
  • Attentive guidance in english to make the most of your journey.
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