Can truffle change your life?

Tangerine Retreat offers a unique personal experience. In a very special environment in the Dutch countryside, participants in our retreats embark on a powerful spiritual journey, while under the expert watchful eye of our facilitators.

A brief moment away from the world to open those locked doors within.

This self-exploration is made possible by psilocybin truffle. It contains the same molecule as the famous “magic mushrooms” with the only difference that its consumption is legal.

Tangerine Retreat in no way offers therapy or treatment for mental illnesses.

Tangerine Retreat’s psychedelic retreats

Legal psilocybin consumption

In the Netherlands, taking psilocybin truffles is 100% legal. Wherever you’re from, you can come and test the effects of psilocybin in total safety.

Preparing the mind for the experience

It’s important to be well-prepared to get the most out of trying psilocybin. Tangerine Retreat offers full guidance before, during, and after the retreat. We organize group sessions to discuss issues that are holding you back in life.

A team of invested professionals

Tangerine Retreat facilitators work alongside participants before, during, and after the psychedelic ceremony in order to guide them towards a psychological rebirth in a safe environment. Our assistants are all trained and experienced in psychology or personal development.

The tools to move forward in life

Relax and prepare your mind

Dive into your emotions

Find out what’s holding you back in life

Identify what really matters to you

Discover yourself

For many people, negative events in the past occupy a large space in the mind due to personal feelings of weakness, and lack of communication with others or with themselves.

Various traumas and emotions can also contribute to blocking you from accessing the strength you need to get the most out of life. This takes different forms depending on the person, but can include mood swings, fatigue, feeling worn out, anxiety, and depression.

Many people who are treated for anxiety and depression have reported that taking psilocybin just once allowed them to find new tools to get through their day-to-day lives.

Tangerine Retreat uses everyone’s experiences to help its participants in their journey.

A personal quest

Your story and your questions

Our team of facilitators discuss with every participant to adapt the experience to each individual situation.

Dive deep into your emotions

A psychedelic retreat is an opportunity to begin a process of understanding and opening of your locked-in emotions.

A place of peace in the heart of the Netherlands

Retreat in Amsterdam, Netherlands

February 24 to 26, 2023
  • Ceremony: one opportunity to take psilocybin
  • Protocol : Protocol: one video session before and one after the retreat
  • Retreat : three days – two nights on site
  • Language : English
  • Participants : 20 maximum

The ideal retreat environment to make a new start

A space to connect with nature

Tangerine Retreat welcomes you in the most natural setting for full connection with the elements.

Set within lush forest and winding paths, this pastoral environment will guarantee a real breath of fresh air away from day-to-day life.

Healthy and delicious vegetarian meals

Our chef concots various seasonal menus throughout your stay.

The meals are designed to be easy on the stomach for fast and easy digestion, taking it easy on your nervous system.

Stay 45 minutes from Amsterdam

Our institute is located 45 minutes from the Dutch capital and 35 minutes from Schiphol International Airport.

If you have time, you could even fit in a bit of sightseeing before you join us!

a moment of serenity by the lake

The ancient substance of psilocybin

Humans have been practising spiritual awakening ceremonies with mushrooms since the beginning of time. There are traces of these ceremonies in several parts of the world (Mexico, Spain, Hungary) spanning different time periods.

Archaeologists have even found cave paintings up to 9,000 years old that show shamans administering psychedelic mushrooms.

An innovative therapeutic approach

Scientific research into magic mushrooms has been ongoing for over 40 years. Several recent studies, carried out by Imperial College London and the American university Johns Hopkins, are beginning to shed more light on psilocybin consumption.

These scientific experiments conclude that taking psychoactive mushrooms can lead to a fast and remarkable reduction in symptoms related to severe depression.

Some magic mushrooms to be degustated
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