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Psilocybin, a Mental Health Ally?

Psilocybin is a natural substance found in magic mushrooms of the psilocybe genus. It is currently under study for its potential beneficial effects on mental health.  Several British and American studies show its effectiveness on disorders such as depression and PTSD. These studies also indicate its effectiveness in treating alcoholism and anxiety disorders.

This molecule acts on the brain by stimulating serotonin receptors, the amygdala, and the hippocampus. Under the influence of psilocybin, the nervous system can produce fantastic hallucinations and boost or reset emotions. Additionally, it can distance certain memories and provoke a strong feeling of relaxation.

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Consuming Psilocybin in the UK

Even though scientific research is conducted in the UK, such as by Imperial College London, magic mushrooms are illegal throughout Great Britain. Conversely, magic truffles are completely legal in the Netherlands. This is the reason individuals seeking a psilocybin retreat in the UK often look towards this country. There, they can safely embark on their psychedelic journey.

Psychedelic retreats involve remote preparation, individual interviews, and on-site relaxation exercises. Additionally, they include a psilocybin ceremony and an integration process.

A Psychedelic Retreat with British Overtones

Tangerine Retreat was precisely founded by a Frenchman living in London for over 6 years. He first tried a magic truffle trip for personal reasons. And, for him, it was very enlightening! After this experience, he understood how they could provide a real breath of fresh air and help process pain or trauma. However, British law only permits antidepressant medications or traditional therapy. These methods are sometimes ineffective or too slow for many people.

Tangerines Retreat’s formula, thus, is to offer British citizens the opportunity to take part in a psychedelic retreat. He found an option to comply with the law on psilocybin in the United Kingdom. The stay is accessible within a few hours from Heathrow, by Eurostar, or even by car (in this case, plan for a night in Amsterdam).

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The program of a retreat

The principle of the mushroom trip is to define a subject one wishes to progress on. Afterwards, participants must relax and trust the team of English-speaking facilitators. They take a dose of psilocybin and lie down in a ceremony room. Once ingested, for 5 to 6 hours, the truffles will alter the participants’ neurochemistry. The effects are unique to each individual.

Emotions, flashback, visions, euphoria, or insights emerge throughout the ritual. The team supervises and reassures to enable everyone to reach into their unconscious. This allows them to find what they need. It’s an experience that blends concepts borrowed from the spiritual, scientific, and personal development worlds.

To delve deeper, learn about the powers of psychedelics with our selection of the most inspiring documentaries on magic mushrooms!

A Fresh Start Near England

As it is not possible to undergo psilocybin-assisted therapy in the UK, Tangerine Retreat’s retreat center is the closest solution to the swinging city for a transformative experience. We have thus gathered the conditions of expertise, safety, and legality just 3 hours from the British Isles.

How long does it take to get there?

Amsterdam is located 1 hour and 20 minutes from Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, or Bristol. Then, count an additional 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the retreat location.

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Next date for UK residents or English speakers

the place where enjoy the psychedelic retreat

Psychedelic Retreat in the Netherlands

September 23-25, 2024

Spoken language(s) : Spoken language(s) french Spoken language(s) english Spoken language(s) german

  • Ceremony: one opportunity to take psilocybin
  • Protocol: one video session before and one after the retreat
  • Retreat: three days – two nights on site
  • From € 1,790

Connect with nature

The retreat takes place in a location specially chosen to promote a peaceful mind and reconnect with our primal sensations. This green haven is surrounded by forests and is located 20 minutes from the train station and amenities.

An all-inclusive stay

The house offers individual and shared rooms and communal spaces for the group. Upon arrival, the team offers simple and fun workshops to break the ice and make everyone comfortable.

The chef says “bon appétit”

During the stay, we like to please the participants. This obviously involves attentive and kind discussions, but everyone eagerly anticipates mealtime! And for good reason: the chef on-site offers delicious vegetarian meals and desserts.

Frequently asked questions about psilocybin in the UK

Is psilocybin legal in the UK ?

In the United Kingdom and the Overseas Territories, hallucinogenic mushrooms are considered a drug. Since the 1960s, all psychoactive drugs have been classified as controlled-substances. Undeniably, the use of psychedelics is not rooted in British culture. That's why British law has established a classification system for illegal drugs. Different categories group psychoactive substances based on the legal consequences faced. Magic mushrooms are classified as Class A, the same category as heroin, cocaine, ecstasy (MDMA), or LSD. Possession or consumption is punishable by imprisonment for up to 7 years and an unlimited fine. That's why there is no legal psychedelic retreat in the UK.

Are mushroom spores legal in the UK?

Mushroom spores are the equivalent of a seed for plants. By cultivating them, it's possible to grow mushrooms, psilocybes or others. However, at the spore stage, they do not contain psilocybin. That's why it's not prohibited to possess them under English law. However, caution is advised, as when the spores are properly cultivated, they transform into psychedelic mushrooms. Once transformed, they are indeed prohibited in Great Britain.

Can I consume psilocybin truffles at home in London?

Legally, you can't consume psilocybin in the UK. Whether in the form of truffles or mushrooms, psilocybin is classified as an illegal drug in London. Moreover, consuming psychedelics can cause temporary emotional fragility, necessitating the presence of one or more sober and experienced individuals who can provide reassurance to the person tripping. Consuming psychoactive substances in a stressful, noisy environment or without supervision can lead to an unpleasant bad trip.

Is psychedelic assisted-therapy expected to be legalized in Great Britain?

As of now, in 2024, psilocybin in the UK is illegal. There are no bills under discussion in the House of Commons. Although psilocybin therapy in Oregon or Australia is permitted, the Crown remains respectful of the UN's 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances. However, the Department of Health and Social Care allows researchers to investigate the effects of psilocybin on mental disorders such as treatment-resistant depression or addictions.

Is it illegal for a British person to attend a psychedelic retreat in Amsterdam?

No, because the law of the territory prevails. In a country where psilocybin truffles are legal, anyone can buy or consume them, regardless of nationality.

Similarly, upon return, customs cannot penalize you for your actions abroad. However, be warned, it is not possible to bring back the fruits of your adventures in your bag. Mushrooms are prohibited in England, even if they were purchased legally elsewhere.

How to join a scientific trial in the United Kingdom ?

To join a research project, you need to keep up with the news on clinical studies. King's College and Imperial College regularly publish about them on their respective websites. However, places are limited, the admission criteria are often quite specific, and it only takes place in London. In other counties (Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, or Hampshire), it is impossible for the time being.

Are psilocybin mushrooms addictive?

No, ingesting psilocybin does not cause any addiction, regardless of the dosage. People who have a psychedelic experience in a controlled environment do not seek to repeat it frequently, nor try it in a recreational use.

What are the effects?

Hallucinogens cause a mind-alteration that can take the form of a mystical revelation or an emotional surge.

Generally, the medium-term effect is a better understanding of oneself, greater ease in socializing with others, and a boost in energy. In research protocols, the medical use of psilocybin explores the reduction of depression symptoms that the molecule provides. The long-term effects vary and depend on the individual: aid in trauma processing, mood improvement, motivation, better emotional connection.

What are the side effects and contraindications?

In rare cases, just after ingesting a hallucinogen, it is possible to experience sensations of nausea or panic. These symptoms quickly disappear.

As for contraindications, they concern individuals who are on antidepressant medication. Hallucinogenic drugs are also highly discouraged to those with psychiatric disorders such as psychosis, paranoia or schizophrenia. In these cases, it is crucial to consult a psychiatrist in the nearest town in England. Similarly, in cases of untreated high blood pressure, it is advisable to avoid any consciousness-altering substances.

Why Tangerine ?

It's very simple. Our founder was walking along the Thames river and reflecting on his project while listening to music. When his playlist shifted to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, he heard that famous verse from The Beatles :

Picture yourself in a boat on a river
With tangerine trees and marmalade skies
Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly
A girl with kaleidoscope eyes

...and just like that, everything fell into place!

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