Legal psilocybin retreat in the USA

Step into a fantastical world for a breathtaking journey

5-day supervised retreat with 2 psilocybin sessions, all-inclusive.

Retreat center nestled in the heart of the forest, deeply immersed in nature of Oregon.

Preparation and integration workshops with experienced facilitators.

Oregon Psilocybin retreat: The extraordinary journey accessible from the USA

A psychedelic retreat is a time of connection with oneself. During the trip, overwhelming and powerful emotions surface. These emotions enable one to understand, process, and spiritually ascend. It’s an unparalleled experience. An opportunity to meet with a hidden world within each of us.

And for such a journey, the USA now offers a haven of serenity: Oregon. Local law there permits magic mushroom retreats. The stay is centered around relaxation, preparation, and safety under the watchful eye of experienced facilitators.

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A Self-Awakening

A more natural way of thinking?

Throughout our lives, we develop fears, blockages, or negative feelings that disrupt our normal functioning due to a lack of perspective. The result is a sensation that life lacks meaning, or rumination, or even self-deprecation.

American and British medical research has shown an interesting effect of psilocybin on these states. The magic mushroom targets a brain area associated with fear, the amygdala. Moreover, it triggers chemical reactions related to serotonin.

Mental Health Outcomes

Without fear, it is easier and more effective to explore one’s subconscious and wounds. Thoughts navigate toward new horizons, offering a fresh perspective.

For this reason, psilocybin has shown encouraging results in the fight against depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Clinical trials, for example, have concluded that it can be as effective as antidepressants in just one dose.

What is a psilocybin mushroom retreat?

Imagine a house surrounded by forests and rivers. A team of facilitators welcomes you warmly and guides you to a relaxed state of mind. On the agenda: breathwork, meditation, and of course, ingestion of psilocybin mushrooms.

The principle of a psychedelic retreat is to create conditions of complete relaxation and safety to allow you to embark on a nice psychedelic journey. It’s impactful, powerful, transformative… in a word: decisive!

Legal and accessible consumption in the USA

The advantage of psilocybin retreats is that they are legal in Oregon. They are also more accessible than medical trials. Thus, the consumption of hallucinogenic mushrooms is possible on-site for any American or Canadian citizen.

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What does a psychedelic retreat in the USA include?

Disconnect! Rejuvenate in the heart of Oregon’s wilderness. The home where you’ll stay for 5 days and 4 nights is nestled in lush greenery.

Feast! The retreat center offer you local and organic cuisine. The chef’s meals aim to delight your taste buds without burdening your digestion.

Open the doors of your mind! Prepare your dried mushrooms and embark on two psychedelic ceremonies under the supervision of the facilitation team.

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The experience of a lifetime

Under the influence of psilocybin, it’s possible to access phenomena never encountered before. Colors, images, personal themes, feelings of euphoria, connection to living beings, feelings of love or euphoria.

Many people report feeling an immediate improvement in their mood. And for good reason! A study on participants of a psychedelic journey shows that 95% of those surveyed rank it among the top five experiences of their lives.

A ritual from ancient times

Long before Oregon psilocybin retreats were invented, humans were already using psilocybes mushrooms to explore altered states of consciousness. Thus, pre-Columbian civilizations, Maya and Aztec, practiced mystical or magical rituals related to the use of fungi.

The contents of these ancient rituals are unknown. But around the world (Mexico, Hungary, Algeria), archaeological traces show that shamans have been practicing natural psychedelic medicines for nearly 9,000 years.

An old Aztec figure with a magic mushroom
A bowl of psychedelic truffles in a retreat

Explore the world of psychedelics legally in the US

Can’t join Tangerine Retreat in the Netherlands? No problem!

We offer a partnership with a psychedelic retreat center based in Oregon. Designed with seriousness and enthusiasm, this psilocybin retreat welcomes you for an extraordinary stay. Surrounded by an American team with extensive expertise, you can safely surrender to the spiritual essence of two psilocybin ceremonies.

The retreat location is in a region known for its natural beauty and seclusion. Meet the team halfway between Portland and Sacramento, at the entrance to the Klamath National Forest.

FAQ about psilocybin in the USA

Why is psilocybin legal in Oregon?

Initially, psilocybin became legal for therapeutic purposes in Oregon in November 2020. It was Measure 109 that allowed the regulated use of psilocybin. The law requires authorization for treatment centers that oversee this process.

Oregon was the first US state to adopt such a measure, exploring a new approach to mental health treatment.

In what forms can psilocybin be consumed in the state of Oregon?

The law permits several psilocybin-containing products: capsules or pills, liquid extracts, and dried mushrooms.

In retreats, this latter form is offered, both pure and traditional. The program there is structured to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the psychedelic mushrooms, following strict protocols.

Is psilocybin legal in California?

Apart from in Oregon and Colorado, the sensory molecule has been considered a controlled substance in the rest of the USA since the 1960s. California has seen several reform attempts regarding psilocybin. The main proposals were about its decriminalization. No law has been passed to legalize or regulate its use statewide.

However, some Californian cities, like Oakland and Santa Cruz, have taken steps to decriminalize the use of natural psychedelic substances. Yet, these cities do not offer legal support.

Is psilocybin legal in Colorado?

In Colorado, the situation has advanced significantly. In November 2022, Colorado approved an electoral initiative (Proposition 122) to decriminalize and create a regulated program allowing the therapeutic use of psilocybin.

The program, set to launch in 2024, will allow adults aged 21 and over to access psilocybin in centers supervised by trained professionals.

What is the effect of psilocybin on depression?

Psilocybin impacts neural networks. Like antidepressants, it targets the 5-HT2A serotonin receptors. Activating this receptor triggers a chain reaction affecting mood, perception, or cognition.

This effect could help reset parts of the brain that function differently in depressed individuals, providing a stable chemical foundation. Research also suggests that psilocybin increases brain plasticity. For those with depression, this gives neurons the ability to change and adapt, breaking away from negative thought patterns. Furthermore, psychedelic experiences can also provide profound psychological insights. Realizations.

Patients often report experiences of self-understanding and acceptance. These feelings can contribute to a sense of well-being and a reduction in depressive symptoms.

Can any American citizen participate in a psilocybin retreat in Oregon?

To enroll in an Oregon psilocybin retreat, the following criteria must be met:

  • Participants must be aged 21 or older.
  • Before the retreat, individuals must undergo a health evaluation to determine if psilocybin is suitable for their mental and physical health. This is particularly the case for individuals with psychotic disorders or those with a family history of psychosis.
  • Participants must provide informed consent, confirming they are aware of the potential risks and benefits.

Beyond these points, residents from any state in the US can participate in the retreats in Oregon.

Do facilities need to have certification?

Yes, in Oregon, facilities offering psilocybin sessions must be certified to operate legally. This certification is an essential part of the regulatory framework established by the state. Its goal is to ensure the safety and quality of the services offered. This accreditation depends on:

  • Obtaining Licenses and Authorizations ;
  • Adhering to Safety and Quality Standards ;
  • Staff Training ;
  • Regulatory Compliance.

How to avoid a bad trip?

What are psychedelic substances?

Psychedelic substances are chemical compounds. They have mind altering short-term effects on perception, thoughts, and sensations. They include LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, and DMT (found in ayahuasca). These substances can induce a profound psychedelic experience. They sometimes transform consciousness or provide significant spiritual or introspective insights. Historically used in spiritual rituals, they have also been used recreationally. Today, they are being studied for their potential medical-use. MDMA is also being studied for its long-term effects on PTSD, but it is not considered a psychedelic.

Each era has its uses!

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