A place of peace in the heart of the Netherlands

A place of awakening

Switch off from your everyday life

The first step of a transformation is to find the best place for it to happen. Just like a seed has to find fertile ground to germinate in, Tangerine Retreat has found the ideal therapy space for participants to flourish.

Our psychedelic retreats take place in the Dutch countryside – both cut off from the modern world, yet just a short distance from all facilities. The perfect backdrop to total disconnection. Everything has been thought out to offer you all the space you need for spirituality and personal awakening.

Surrounded by greenery

Reconnect with nature

We welcome you into the heart of a 16-acre pastoral estate. Surrounded by pine forests, beech trees and our very own pond, our accommodation enables you to fully connect with nature and the elements. Let the calm of the countryside speak to the calm of the soul.

You will stay in an environment that’s been designed to facilitate personal exploration with psilocybin – away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, far from the complications of everyday life.

The forest near the retreat place
inside ceremony room

A sanctuary

Experience your personal adventure

Our environment plays an active part in our emotions. It can negatively or positively shape the intensity and permanence of what we feel. In order to fully appreciate all the effects that psilocybin truffles can offer, it’s important to experiment in a space that’s conducive to inner peace and introspection.

The relaxation room is at the heart of the estate and is designed to provide that sense of security and surround you in all the ancestral aura associated with preparing and taking psychedelic truffle. This is where participants drink their psilocybin tea and participate in relaxation sessions throughout the retreat.

Stay with us in comfort

A single room to be quiet

A good night’s sleep – the beginning of any adventure

With your maximum comfort in mind, you can choose between a shared or private room. Either way, we offer you a high-quality bed and bedsheets.

All bedrooms in the residence come with bags of positive energy and WiFi!

A delicious vegan meal

Eat well – of course!

You’ll love the food our chef prepares during your retreat. Organic, seasonal meals that are vegetarian and easy to digest – we also want your microbiota to take some time off!

We can adapt our offering based on participants’ dietary requirements.

Sharing – learning to understand each other

Every participant in a psilocybin retreat has been on their own journey and is looking to experience something new. This commonality is what drives discussion and sharing among the group.

There are several spaces in which participants can explore and share their life journeys.

On-site facilities

Accommodation location

Accommodation at Tangerine Retreat is located in the Netherlands, 150 km from Amsterdam and 20 km from Heerenveen. Although the complex is tucked away in natural surroundings, it’s not completely cut off from the outside world.

Schiphol International Airport is just 90 minutes from the accommodation.

On-site security

Our visitors come seeking a fresh start thanks to the positive effects of psilocybin truffles on their state of mind. It’s important to take mental wellbeing seriously.
Participants are kept safe by a qualified team that also stays on-site at night.

A place of peace in the heart of the Netherlands

Psychedelic Retreat in the Netherlands

September 23-25, 2024

Spoken language(s) : Spoken language(s) french Spoken language(s) english Spoken language(s) german

  • Ceremony: one opportunity to take psilocybin
  • Protocol: one video session before and one after the retreat
  • Retreat: three days – two nights on site
  • From € 1,790