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Review of Tangerine Retreat

A psychedelic retreat must constantly evolve to meet the expectations of participants and find the ideal level of attention to offer them a transformative psychedelic journey.

After each of our retreats, we send a satisfaction survey to our participants. Of course, they are free to respond or not

Testimonials Selection

Quality of the Support? Psychedelic Journey Experience? Effects of Psilocybin Truffles? Interactions with the Team Members? Here are some of the encouraging feedback we’ve received from our recent retreats:

Sophie, March 2024

I came seeking a personal development experience to move towards a better acceptance of who I am. I found a sense of renewal, cleansing, and a new momentum. A less pervasive sense of guilt and, most importantly, greater inner peace.

Elias, March 2024

Normally, I’m not comfortable in groups. It’s hard to explain, but you quickly feel like you know everyone, including the team members. […] When I arrived on Friday, I was worried about the moment we were going to ‘travel’ and I was afraid of looking foolish. Strangely, that feeling had disappeared after the first night and I was really excited about the journey. It takes a while to get going, but when it starts, it’s incomparable

Lars, February 2024

Everything is very well organized, with little downtime in the end. No time to get bored. But there is time to chat among group members and with the facilitators. Mourad, Magalie, and Nora are exceptional people, deeply humane. […] The chef is very nice and his veggie cooking is very tasty […]. I can’t really see what could be better

Marc, January 2024

A powerful experience with a true family spirit The stay at Tangerine Retreat was an experience that touched my heart in a way I never could have imagined. And yet I had high expectations! See on TrustPilot

Anna, October 2023

I wouldn’t even know where to begin. The entire team took such great care of us; it was incredible. The facilitators were incredibly kind and helpful. The house was beautiful, and the food was excellent!

Emily, September 2023

I feel amazing. Delighted and full of gratitude. I feel like I’m bathed in great mental clarity and inner and outer fluidity. I have many new understandings unfolding: about my inner states, my blockages, the meaning of things, my way of seeing and understanding certain situations, I have new perspectives…

Marjorie, September 2023

I appreciated doing this retreat in a small group. This experience with more people would have been less beneficial for me, I’m sure. We had the time to get to know everyone, which made it easier to feel comfortable.

James, September 2023

I felt like the team formed a circle within which the participants found themselves. A warm, competent, secure, and truly human circle. We came to meet psilocybin, and you provided that to us in the best conditions, and then you also offered us other things like breathwork, yoga, and walks…

Antonio, September 2023

A few days after the retreat, I can say that I found myself. And then, clarity, understanding, new ways of seeing, keys, liberations… courage, humanity, nature too… so much!

Tania, July 2023

The choice of facilitator is crucial, very clearly. Thank you, you made the right choice for me 🙂 Magalie and Mourad clearly did what was necessary to guide my journey and help me let go of the mind. I’m very grateful to them.

Note: The mentions in italics have been modified to preserve the anonymity of the participants or to enhance the understanding of their reviews.

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Date Spoken language(s) Available slots
September 23-25, 2024 Spoken language(s) french Spoken language(s) english Spoken language(s) german 3
October 22-24, 2024 Spoken language(s) french Spoken language(s) english 7
December 2-4, 2024 Spoken language(s) french Spoken language(s) english 9
January 7-9, 2025 Spoken language(s) french Spoken language(s) english 10
February 21-23, 2025 Spoken language(s) french Spoken language(s) english 9
March 28-30, 2025 Spoken language(s) french Spoken language(s) english 10