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Who Are We?

Tangerine Retreat is a small group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and life paths. Each one of us has found a personal reason to be interested in psychedelics or alternative methods for addressing mental health issues.

The psychedelic retreat combines a natural phenomenon and a spiritual experience with the aim of better understanding the greatest mystery of all: one’s own inner world.

So we’re not here by chance, and that’s what enriches the exchange and attentive listening at the heart of the retreat. There’s no reason to judge others when you’re aware of your own struggles! Any individual work also relies on collective effort: Our team will be by your side throughout the duration of the retreat, including preparation and integration.

We will be attentive to your questions, needs, and experiences. All to help you become even more present within yourselves.

Tangerine Retreat’s team

Arnaud, équipe Tangerine

Arnaud, founder

The initiator of Tangerine Retreat, Arnaud is a curious and optimistic individual.

After completing his engineering studies, he developed a growing interest in personal exploration through EMDR, music therapy, and breathwork. He then trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Symbolic and Spiritual Hypnosis, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

A few years ago, his personal quest transformed upon discovering psychedelics and psilocybin. Sensitive to the role of instinct and the subconscious in personal trajectories, Arnaud found true meaning in the concept of a psychedelic retreat, at the crossroads of science and spirituality.

Nora, an experienced Facilitator from the Tangerine's Team

Nora, Facilitator

Nora is a facilitator deeply committed to creating a compassionate and safe space.

As a trauma therapist trained in Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry method, she completed a master’s thesis on psilocybin-assisted therapy for childhood trauma. Drawing from her experiences with Shipibo traditions, she is immersed in an online doctoral program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. There, she connects indigenous and shamanic wisdom, psychedelic research, transpersonal psychology, and spirituality.

Nora is grateful to be involved in this meaningful work. She is dedicated to holding a safe space for transformation, personal growth, and healing.

Hanneke, a Tangerine facilitator

Hanneke, Facilitator

Hanneke’s experience is rooted in applied psychology, somatic practice, and natural methods. She is currently pursuing a master’s program in spiritual care.

Throughout her life, she has been passionate about discovering what life is, existential questions… Who are we? and What do we call “being human”? This quest has led her to explore both inner worlds and study different cultures, views of existence, and spiritual practices. Hanneke practices psychology and coaching tailored to everyday life and burnout, and has been working with psychedelics since 2012.

Since then, she has worked with individuals and groups in ceremonies and retreats to foster alignment and synchronization.

David, Tangerine Retreats facilitator

David, Facilitator

David is a curious and compassionate facilitator, motivated by the desire to understand and explore the transformative potential within each individual.

After a pivotal experience with psychedelics at the age of 20 that helped him through a difficult period, he immediately knew he wanted to dedicate his life to the world of plant medicines. He left the field of cognitive neuroscience and pursued studies in clinical psychology. He then immersed himself in the shamanic traditions of Costa Rica and Peru to learn about ayahuasca.

Within Tangerine Retreat, David guides participants in the preparation, process, and integration of psychedelic experiences. David also utilizes the power of sound in ceremonies, using gongs, flutes, and singing bowls to create resonant spaces conducive to inner exploration.

Tessa, a Dutch Facilitator from the Tangerine's Team

Tessa, Facilitator

Tessa is an intuitive guide and creative facilitator with extensive personal and professional experience ranging from complex introspective work, expanded states of consciousness and observing subtle layers of energy.

Her path is one of experiential learning and for almost a decade she underwent deep journeys with psychedelic compounds and received wisdom teachings in traditional shamanic (Amazonian, Mexican and African) and modern western settings. As a facilitator, she guided over 50+ international group retreats.

Within Tangerine Retreat, she provides preparation & integration coaching, somatic workshops and guidance during the breathwork and psilocybin truffle ceremonies.

Costanza, facilitators team

Costanza, Facilitator

Costanza is a rigorous and cheerful facilitator, one of the pillars of Tangerine Retreat.

A resident of the Netherlands since 2011, she has extensive personal and professional experience with psilocybin. Thanks to her years of practice, Costanza is able to anticipate the reactions and precautions to be taken based on a participant’s psychological profile.

Highly involved in the development of her clients, she has enriched herself with various approaches to well-being. Within Tangerine Retreat, she practices breathwork, yoga, singing, and provides attentive support to psychedelic travelers.

Juan, facilitators team

Juan, Facilitator

Among the people who work with Tangerine Retreat, Juan is a facilitator with a unique profile!

On a personal level, he is well-versed in psychedelics, which have been a part of his life since he was 20. He is capable of advising people on the right behaviors to adopt and the dangers to avoid. With a calm and reassuring nature, Juan seems capable of managing and calming any psychedelic trip that may become tumultuous.

Juan is also a seasoned professional musician who entertains during our psychedelic retreats.

Tangerine's Team : Mourad

Mourad, Facilitator

Mourad is a mind explorer, passionate about the hidden treasures within each individual. He enjoys experiencing and facilitating change and its energy. He provides support during times of questioning and awakening.

A connoisseur of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and active listening, Mourad approaches guidance by creating a space of Presence, allowing each individual the freedom to express themselves. Trained as a hypnotherapist, he has practiced for several years in Paris.

Approachable, sensitive, and jovial, the psychedelic retreat is, for him, a grand adventure that should be as meaningful for the organizers as it is for the participants.

Tangerine's Team : Magalie

Magalie, Facilitator

Magalie approaches life as an endless learning experience with a humble and highly attentive attitude. Passionate about freedom and simplicity, she has a very strong connection with nature, particularly the plant world. For her, plants hold a raw truth capable of inspiring our personal explorations.

Trained in Sylvotherapy (the benefits of the forest on our health) and Sensory Resource (body listening), Magalie is an experienced facilitator who has developed her own breathwork protocol. The newest member of the team, she is seen as a very rejuvenating presence during retreats.

Tangerine's Team : Fabienne

Fabienne, retreat operations

Fabienne is the cornerstone of Tangerine Retreat. In just a few months, Fabienne has built up an extensive knowledge of psychedelics and their contraindications, far removed from her initial training as an engineer.

Calm and meticulous, she handles the organization of the retreats down to the smallest details. From communicating with participants to planning the meals, Fabienne has her eye on everything. Her experience in marketing and development within large corporations and small organizations helps the team identify priorities without spreading themselves too thin.

Part of her job also involves managing Arnaud’s passionate temperament, who is constantly brimming with new ideas.

a group circle at the end of the retreat

Meeting the Right People

Thanks to our personal experiences, we have created a method to provide you with a fruitful, enjoyable, and accessible retreat.

Our team is on-site 24/7, even outside of psilocybin sessions.

Our values

Our primary goal is to assist our participants in finding what they are seeking through a psilocybin experience. To achieve this, it’s essential to provide reassurance, ensure smooth proceedings, and facilitate the integration of the lived experience.

For this reason, Tangerine Retreat’s support strategy extends over one year, including two remote preparatory sessions and monthly integration for the following 11 months.

Provoquer de meilleurs résultats

When we created Tangerine Retreat, we realized that long-term support was key to the success of a psychedelic retreat. Indeed, to consume psilocybin and derive meaningful effects from it, it’s crucial to prepare well and take the time to integrate the experience.

Our subconscious is filled with various pieces of information and emotions that may interfere with the spiritual experience. To address the essential points, it’s more effective to sort through topics, highlight issues, and soothe dark thoughts.

Improving Action on Depression or Anxiety

People who suffer from anxiety or depression are often hindered by painful or traumatic experiences from their past. Generally, these memories are buried and we are unable to analyze them. The preparation for a psychedelic retreat involves specifically tapping into this buried memory to make it more accessible in the brain. If these memories are more readily accessible, they can serve as fertile ground for the psychedelic experience.

Therefore, preparation is a crucial factor in targeting the right emotions.

Dispelling Fears

It goes without saying that ingesting a hallucinogenic substance can raise many questions. This is not a problem, and we want there to be no taboos about it. Our preparation protocol is designed to answer all the questions our participants may have.

It’s simple: for the psychedelic retreat to be enjoyable and effective, it’s crucial that participants arrive with full confidence and are completely up-to-date on the protocol. Our FAQ is, in fact, an initial approach to learning more about the effects of psilocybin.

Remaining Accessible

For most people, a spiritual retreat represents a significant financial investment. For these same people, it is also a need or a hope, as they have often tried numerous techniques in their personal quest without achieving the results they were looking for.

We aim for the psychedelic retreat to not be limited to only the wealthiest; therefore, we strive to offer affordable pricing. To assist those who wish, we also offer installment payments with no extra fees (the balance must be paid before the start of the retreat).

Submit a registration request

Experience a three-day and two-night retreat centered around natural psilocybin, including meals and stay. During this retreat, you will have the opportunity to participate in a safe and legal psilocybin session, carefully guided by a team of experienced facilitators.

What is Included in the Price of a Psychedelic Retreat?

The price of a psychedelic retreat includes:

  • 3 days and 2 nights of accommodation,
  • 5 meals (participants do not have lunch before taking psilocybin),
  • Magic psilocybin truffles,
  • Facilitator fees,
  • Insurance for the residence.