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An emotional, psychological, spiritual, or creative renewal?

Explore the depths of your mind and discover a universe of hidden potentials.

Imagine an unforgettable experience, conducted alone or as a couple, with trust and letting go as the only rules. This is what Tangerine Retreat offers with the Solo or Couple option. To derive the best effects from psilocybin, Tangerine Retreat has crafted a thoughtful program in three phases: preparation, support, and integration.

On the agenda: an inward dive, personal revelations, and progression towards a new stage of life.

A private, safe, and legal trip

Do you want to fully enjoy a psychedelic journey without any constraints? Our personalized offer allows you to choose dates that suit you and provides a private, safe, and legal setting to enjoy psilocybin truffles in Amsterdam.

This solo / couple psychedelic session is offered in French, German, or English, depending on your preference.

Please note, unlike a classic psilocybin retreat, you will need to take care of booking your accommodations and meals. Our team can send you a preselection of places to stay in Amsterdam.

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Price: €2,990

Your request is subject to our pre-selection process. Please fill out the form below.

Terms of Private Psilocybin Retreats

  • For 1 to 2 participants with 2 facilitators: one male and one female.
  • Choose your date based on availability.
  • From 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM.
  • Two pre-retreat preparation sessions face-to-face (via video call).
  • Integration debriefing one week later.
  • Monthly integration circle by Tangerine Retreat for one year.
  • Legal psilocybin truffles for each participant.
  • Morning breathwork session.
  • Supervised psilocybin ceremony in the afternoon
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Solo Psychedelic Retreat

Sometimes, a moment of solitude is needed to reflect. In the solo format, you have the freedom to explore. You benefit from two facilitators dedicated to caring for you and guiding you deep into your psyche.

It’s an opportunity for profound introspection, in complete tranquility. A moment for yourself, rare in everyday life.

Couple’s Psychedelic Retreat

If you’re looking to share a unique and deeply moving experience, you can do so with someone close to you. Experiencing a psychedelic journey with a spouse, a friend, or a family member strengthens the relationship. The memories and camaraderie that result form an unbreakable and inexplicable bond.

However, your preparations remain individual and confidential, allowing you to progress on your own. Two facilitators will guide you in your personal exploration and explain every step of your adventure.

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The Benefits of the Private Experience


Legal In the Netherlands, psilocybin truffles are 100% legal.

Whether you from UK, Spain, Sweden, China ou USA, you can enjoy your stay in Amsterdam with a private or couples psychedelic experience.


Private retreats offer the opportunity to delve deeply without fear of judgment.

Whether you’re seeking new sensations, relational improvements, or a better understanding of your traumas, the entire team is there to provide answers.


You benefit from the supervision of 2 facilitators throughout the day.

They are there to explain the process and guide you through the journey. Supervision helps to avoid mushroom bad trips and to better utilize the possibilities of psilocybin.

Psychedelic Couples Therapy?

A psychedelic journey as a duo is not the same as psilocybin-assisted couples therapy. It is a shared experience where each participant privately addresses personal themes.

Nevertheless, a 2020 study observed that psychedelics were associated with greater degrees of perceived social connectivity. This effect increases trust and connection between individuals. A valuable asset within a couple.

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